8.5 Million Dollar Luxury Homes, Scottsdale Arizona

This brand new 9600 sq. ft. Arizona estate nestled into the McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale, Arizona, is one of the most sought after homes in the exclusive community of Silverleaf. It features 16 LED Televisions, Control4 Home Automation system, 9 fireplaces, fully installed HD home theater system and negative edge pool that displays city day to night views. Built by Mike Graham of American First Builders, this estate is nothing short of spectacular! Take the video tour and see for yourself! Video copyright: Next Edge Video and www.nextedgevideo.com Follow us on Facebook! http
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  1. Brian Heard says:

    i would sell my soul for this house

  2. Cody Cummings says:

    this is a pretty outstanding home. i can only dream lol

  3. ThePETuniverse says:

    @jose diaz No one asked you.

  4. storm murphy says:

    i like most haere lol

  5. storm murphy says:

    i like the fiar pace but nice house then agein

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  7. how do people afford this?

  8. Amen… Awsome!

  9. cool!!

  10. This Is Totally Awsome. Honest. This Is Heaven.

  11. MissSmudge78 says:

    Wow, I would NOT want to leave WOW !!!

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  14. I’M IN LOVE!!!

  15. Gerron Atkinson says:

    “nice” ain’t even the correct word. How about Immaculate !!!

  16. yeser amer says:

    omg this my dream

  17. SingingPassions says:

    This is makinq me cry.
    All of theese houses i just looked at that are millions are so special in their own way, i can’t decide !!

  18. xxxpimpxx1 says:

    What a gaff guess I will just have to wait and win the lotto and buy it for me and my babe :-) it’s definitely a dream home,

  19. aleksicka91 says:

    I guess I will open The Sims 3 after this video…

  20. Horrrrrribleboy says:

    @MovieMad007 Uk doesn’t have as many as us does Miami is one of famous beautiful islands

  21. Jeff Sibbach says:

    @Nextedge – You guys make great videos!